Dan Collins and a Piano

Pianist, singer-songwriter, producer, educator.

Cyber home of Dan Collins: pianist, singer-songwriter, producer, and educator. Lives in Chicago.

**Skype lessons also available, ask!**

I am currently accepting piano students of any experience in the Milwaukee and Chicago-areas.  My expertise is in jazz, rock, and other improvised modern music forms, and I am classically trained and studied with Dr. Mary Tollefson at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse from 2008-2012.  I also have an extensive education in music theory and composition and am more than capable of sharing that knowledge with my students.

At student's home - 30 minutes/$30, 45 minutes/$40, or 60 minutes/$45
At my home studio - 30 minutes/$25, 45 minutes/$35, or 60 minutes/$40

Regarding text/methods: Recommendations will be made and lessons will be catered to whatever method book or alternative method option is chosen. 


"Dan has a wonderful way with children. Our girls look forward to seeing him every week; our youngest (6) runs to the door to greet him. He is great about making music fun (adds his own jazzy spin on pieces they are practicing; shows the girls what music can become...even the simplest piece). Dan has a way about making piano fun and inspires the girls to explore their own inner rhythms." -Annette (Mother of 4 daughters taking lessons)

"Dan is well-versed in all things related to music. He has a great background and is very thoughtful about customizing lessons to fit your needs. I used to play piano and presently DJ. I came to him with the hopes of learning how to write my own music. He's helped me re-learn piano and learn how to read music and approach writing music. He's very friendly and extremely patient and encouraging. He's a great musician and instructor. Our lessons are always really fun!" -Lani (DJ studying composition)

"My favorite thing about studying with Dan was the personal approach he has to teaching. It's much easier to listen and understand what he is saying when you don't feel intimidated... he taught me how much more there really is out there to learn." -Sean (Music theory, piano, improvisation)

"The most important thing Dan taught me was the theory behind the way chords sound together and, chord qualities, and how to solo!  I'm definitely interested in continuing my musical studies and Dan has definitely helped inspire me to believe that being a musician, against the odds, is a tangible dream." -Meghna (Advanced jazz piano, theory) 

"In addition to giving quality lessons and attention to detail, Dan was open to my suggestions and was always asking me what I wanted to play or learn.  The most important thing I learned from Dan was how to take the simplicity of basic theory and turn it into very creative and fun aspects of jazz that i can continue to use every time i touch a piano.  I am very interested in continuing my musical studies, and I think this is pretty heavily influenced by Dan's ability to make studying piano always fun and intriguing. Thanks to his teaching, not only has my ability progressed, but my confidence on the keys has as well." -Peter (Jazz piano, intermediate theory)