Dan Collins and a Piano

Pianist, singer-songwriter, producer, educator.

Cyber home of Dan Collins: pianist, singer-songwriter, producer, and educator. Lives in Chicago.

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I didn't like reading this in the third-person, so here's my new bio. My name is Dan Collins, I'm a 29-year-old musician living in Madison, WI. I write & record songs and co-own & operate HDpiano.com- the internet's leading piano tutorial provider. I used to be in a band called Nonpronto, but I left Chicago and am back making music eponymously.

I grew up studying piano from age 6 and made a bunch of music with a bunch of talented cats through high school. I got a jazz degree from UW-La Crosse in 2012 then moved to Chicago. In Chicago I made music with Nonpronto and myriad other creatives. In 2017 I moved back to Madison to hone my role as "band dad" for my director wife and establish myself as a songwriter and producer in this humble music scene. My latest album, “Every Move Is Like a Breakup” is streaming everywhere. Things I call myself: pianist, singer-songwriter, producer, educator.

You can listen to my entire discography for free here; Nonpronto's is here; and you can email me anytime at this address. Thanks for checking out my music.


“One of the best songs I’ve heard on this show in 11 seasons.”
—Jonathan Suttin, 105.5 Project M (2019)

"...Listen up, people, there’s an artist at work here."
—Randy Erickson, La Crosse Tribune (2018)

"...immediately impressed with his vocal and piano chops."
—Matt Olson, Creative Path Podcast (2016)

"...singer/songwriter pianist/producer Dan, is one gifted guy."
Bridal Musings (2014)

"... amazing songwriter, and a crazy-talented piano player." 
Tim, "Tim Pan Alley Productions - Austin, TX" (2014)

“I was saying earlier Dan, that I think that you will be one of those people that in like 10, 20 years, we’ll be like, 'we had that kid on our show.'”
—Connie, "Connie and Fish, Z104 Madison" (2008)

"...one of the hardest working and most talented musicians I have met...will find success as a musician, there is no doubt in my mind about that."
—Nick Shattuck, Singer/Songwriter (2012)

"Songsmith extraordinaire... an extremely versatile songwriter..." 
—Frank Sommers, Producer (2012)

"Professor Karyn Quinn says Collins is one of the most talented pianists to have studied at UW-La Crosse."
—Waunakee Tribune (2012)

"...A local pop-rock trio [Dan Collins Trio] that evokes the sophisticated side of Ben Folds Five or Coldplay."
The Second Supper, La Crosse (2010)

"His songwriting is a smooth blend of Ben Folds, Elton John and Jamie Cullum, with all the piano jazz-pop you’d expect from the town’s preeminent 22yo keyboardist."
—Zak Kaszynski, The Racquet (2012)

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